What does your schedule look like?

What have you learned about your schedule since starting college?”

“I have learned that I am much more productive in the mornings. For me it makes sense to try and schedule all my classes before lunch because that is when I am most focused. After a full morning, I like to reenergize by taking a short nap and then working on homework. This way my evenings are usually free which allows time for me to spend time with friends and relax.”

Fall registration starts on April 1st, is there anything you do to make your schedule fit your personality?”

“I am not a morning person at all so for me I like to try to not schedule anything before 10am. This way I am able to wake up and take my time before jumping into a busy day. I like to do homework and spend time with friends in the evening so this is the perfect way for me to balance my busy schedule. This isn’t possible with every semesters but if I could design a perfect schedule this would be mine.”

Do you have any advice for underclassman about sleep?”

“Sleep is so important! I have found that seven hours is the amount of sleep that I need to feel rested and motivated. My advice is to find how much sleep you need personally and follow that. Challenge yourself to get onto a normal schedule and stick to it. Personally I feel a lot healthier if I am able to get enough sleep because then I don’t spend time laying around and unmotivated.”