Hours slept x Days in Week – (Hours Not Slept x Overdue Projects2) = Darkness

I recently stayed up for 24 hours. I had little control as I was traveling via air, with delayed and canceled flights. It has taken me three days to recover. Sometimes we face deadlines and projects that are compounded with work hours, procrastination, and Netflix.

Let’s be real for a moment: one of the top two reasons students are referred for a student conduct violation for academic misconduct is lack of time management. So let’s reflect on how you manage your time and how to make sleep fit into your schedule.

  • Sometimes we convince ourselves if we just stay up later and later, we can get more and more done. The reality is our work is not as good as we can actually do, and we stop functioning as ourselves.
  • Desperate times call for desperate measures: when we run out of time, we run out of ourselves. This means we look at taking ideas that we find online or in places that aren’t ours but using them in assignments. You’re better than this.
  • When you are up for 24-hours, you are functioning as if you’ve had 6 beers. Your drunk brain is not going to produce quality work.
  • Lack of sleep actually makes you feel more emotional, becoming mentally and physically depressed. Taking care of your adult self means you get sleep.
  • You can’t store up on sleep—either you sleep or you don’t. When you don’t sleep, you’re depriving your mind from fully functioning. You’ll also need recovery time to get your body rested and back to thinking at your normal capacity.

Not managing your time means you’re going to run out of energy—skip class, skip shifts at work, and skip studying. To make up for it, you then start to consider how you might cut corners. Stop yourself before you wreck yourself.