As you are probably aware, there are many different policies across MSUM’s campus. These policies are developed as guidelines for students, staff, faculty, etc. to follow. The Wellness Center has policies that members need to follow while they use the facility. In order to enter and use the facility, you must show photo ID including your dragon ID or a driver’s license. No crop tops or cut-offs that allow the rib cage to be shown are not allowed to be worn while working out. You also must keep your hands on the bar at all times meaning it is not allowed to drop weights from any height.

Nearing the end of a semester means that finals week is approaching, which can bring about a lot of stress and anxiety for some students. University policy allows you to rearrange your finals if you have more than three scheduled for one day.

The Student Bereavement Policy allows temporary absence of one week if a student experiences the death of a family member, typically this involves the death of an immediate family member. If needed, you must contact the Dean of Students Office to be approved where you may be asked for documentation such as a funeral program or death notice to verify the death.

Smoking, tobacco use, or tobacco sales of any kind are prohibited on campus. This policy also prohibits the use of smokeless tobacco such as chewing tobacco or electronic products. Use is prohibited in any facilities or property owned by the University.

Instructors should clearly state in their course syllabus how grades are assigned. If a student feels he/she has received an unfair grade based on arbitrariness, prejudice, and/or error you can apply for Course Grade Appeal Policy. If it is believed that discrimination or harassment were involved in the grading process, students should file a complaint with the Affirmative Action Officer. The process must be initiated before the end of the sixth week of the next semester.