Occupation: College Student

One of the running jokes from returning students is that they already feel behind a week or two into the semester. It’s funny to some. It should also make you think. What is your plan for how you’re going to keep track of assignments, work, and life? Your plan will change over time and be flexible, but make sure you have one. If you fail to plan your route, you are planning to fail.

Showing up to class puts you directly on the path to doing well. On this path, you’re going to keep a better focus to why you’re a student and what your end goal is. There may be times when you step off that path because you let other things become more important than your classes. You’re always one decision away from this path and moving forward.

You will be expected to take responsibility for your actions, whether that is online or on campus. Being a jerk or harassing others because you’re annoyed, upset, or bored will result in consequences regardless of your intent. Consider how you want every one outside of yourself to see you—family, friends, professors, future employers, etc. Check yourself often.

Channel your energy. You have the freedom to choose how you’re going to spend your time. Know that this experience should not mirror any college movie you’ve seen because it can’t be captured. This experience can be greater than your wildest dreams.You have to decide to limit binge watching shows and stop the endless scrolling through memes and pics. Get some sleep and own the day.