Tips for First Semester

No matter what major or year you are in, the beginning of school can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming. We’re sure you’ve heard many tips and tricks to make the transition from summer to school go smoothly, but we want to make sure you’re also thinking about your future by taking the steps necessary to prepare for your career goals as well. Follow these four tips and you’ll be on the right track!  

  1. First impressions matter

      Set your alarm, use your planner, update your iCalendar, do whatever it takes to make sure you arrive to class, your job, and any other commitments on time. 

      Introduce yourself. We’ve all heard of the old adage “it’s about who you know”. Introduce yourself to your professors, advisor and your peers and spend time getting to know them. This will make asking for references or career guidance a breeze when the time comes. 

2.     Stay organized

     No matter what part-time job you have while in school or what career you end up with after graduation, organization and time management are imperative for your success. 

     Whether you prefer an online calendar or a paper planner, get used to writing down all of your assignments, projects, activities and shifts. This will give you a visual on how busy you are, help prioritize your time off and help save yourself from getting too stressed out. 

  1. Know your resources

     It is important to get familiar with the resources available for you and as a college student, now is the best time to take advantage of these resources because they are FREE. Whether you need tutoring help for a class you’re struggling with, are looking to improve your physical health, or want guidance on how to deal with everyday stressors, MSUM has something for everyone. Taking care of your whole health ensures you’ll be a healthy professional. 

     The Career Development Center isn’t just for those needing their resume or cover letter reviewed. We can help you establish career goals, and even help you decide on what major will be best for you to get the job you’ve always dreamed of. The earlier you get started the better.

  1. Join a club and attend events.

     Joining a Club related to your career interest or attending our events can be a great way to gain valuable skills, meet like-minded people and be challenged through leadership opportunities.


And there you have it, four fool-proof ways to prepare for success both in and out of the classroom. 


Looking for more information on how to propel you career? Contact the Career Development Center for assistant on major exploration, career planning, resume & cover letter critiques, mock interviewing and more. We’re just an email away at [email protected], or stop by our office at Flora Frick 151.